New York Sailing Collective, Tribeca

Member's Skipper Academy


Deposit Amount: $390

Discounted Price: $1760 (20% off ending December 24th)

Full Price: $2200

The NYSC Academy is a unique opportunity for interested sailors to learn the necessary skills to become a knowledgeable skipper. This interactive program places you at the helm of a 29' & 36’ coastal-cruising style sailboat where you will be taught the fundamentals of boat handling by learning sail theory as it applies directly to recreational cruising. The program focuses on interactive hands-on learning to build your skills and broaden your knowledge base focusing on how to prepare for a sail, crew operations and skills, leaving the dock and mooring, navigation, weather, safety including overboard rescue methods, anchoring techniques, and securing the boat properly.

Early Summer Season begins the week of May 30th

Late Summer Season begins the week of July 25th

Sign up for a class from Monday through Thursday starting at 6:00 pm

If you have any questions please call us at (347) 927-5487