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The NYSC Academy is a unique opportunity for interested sailors to learn the necessary skills to become a knowledgeable skipper. This interactive program places you at the helm of a 36’ coastal-cruising style sailboat where you will be taught the fundamentals of boat handling by learning sail theory as it applies directly to recreational cruising. The program focuses on interactive hands-on learning to build your skills and broaden your knowledge base focusing on how to prepare for a sail, crew operations and skills, leaving the dock and mooring, navigation, weather, safety including overboard rescue methods, anchoring techniques, and securing the boat properly.

We take an intuitive approach to learning how to sail and while the program will spend extensive time during the program learning the foundation of sailing principles and sail theory, the focus of the Skipper Academy is interactive and practical with the goal set on learning how to do it yourself. It will go beyond the traditional framework of sailing instruction and instill the skills to progress with the program and join the NYSC Skippers Program where you have opportunities to sail yourself in New York Harbor aboard our fleet.

New York Sailing Collective Skipper Member Upon graduating from the Skipper Academy, qualified sailors will have the opportunity to join the club and become a Skipper Member gaining access to the fleet to sail on your own. Graduates of the Skipper Academy will also be able to participate in the NYSC Regatta series where the fleet races in New York Harbor during summer weekday evenings. Skipper Academy graduates will receive exclusive Sailing Collective Travel Co. charter options abroad as well.

• Classes take place at 2:00 & 6:30 pm

• Classes are 2 to 3 hours

• There will be space for 4 Skipper Academy members per session

• Post-sail cocktails at Grand Banks Oyster Bar

• 10-week membership program

• Membership exclusive apparel included

• Because of the curriculum philosophy, the curriculum will not be linear - if you miss a class, you will have the opportunity to gain information in other classes


10-week program | Summer 2020 Discount: $1690 per member (Full price: $2150)

• Monday 6:30 Session: SOLD OUT

• Tuesday 6:30 Session: SOLD OUT

• Wednesday 2:00 Session: current availability: 2

• Wednesday 6:30 Session: current availability: SOLD OUT

• Thursday 2:00 Session: current availability: 4

• Thursday 6:30 Session: current availability: SOLD OUT


NYSC Skippers Academy offers private sessions for your family or your friends. With groups ranging from 2 to 5 people, we can create a bespoke training program aboard our club sailboat during the week and weekends from 6-week sessions to 12-week courses. To qualify to become an NYSC member, a 10-week course is required. Contact Sailing Collective and ask us about our bespoke Skippers Academy program.

* Because of Covid-19 awareness, we ask for members to sign up as a couple or a pair with someone they have been in regular contact with to minimize the exposures of interacting in close proximity with others. There will be hand-sanitizer available aboard and we ask for students to utilize sailing gloves while aboard. The instructor will also take a temperature check for each student before embarking. Students who have a fever or Covid-19 symptoms will be unable to attend until further testing is conducted.

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