Crewed Yacht Charter

As a boutique travel outfit, the Sailing Collective team assembles bespoke sailing itineraries for our Collective travelers providing customized itineraries and personalized experiences and paired up with the perfect Sailing Collective captain and chef to lead your sailing journey through the Croatian waters.

The Croatian charter season begins in late May with pleasant weather tough October. We personalize the Sailing Collective 7-day vacation package to match your group's interest. We have a variety of vacation package offerings including:

• Family travel with first-mates and chefs with childcare background • Private friends charters on monohull and catamarans with up to 5 double cabins • Honeymooners with private captain and chef • Corporate retreats and team building regattas

Journey Coordinators are on stand by to answer any questions about the charter logistics and will create a customized boat option and can match your budget whether your group is interested in a rustic 'do it yourself' itinerary lead by a Sailing Collective captain to high-end luxury aboard a 60'+ moderne sailboat with your private Sailing Collective captain, chef, first-mate team.


tel. +1 (347) 927 5487

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