Private Crewed Yacht Charter

Private crewed and guided sailing charters available from May - November

The Sailing Collective Nosy Be, Madagascar adventure sailing vacation takes travelers to the edge of the old world - travelers who desire nothing more than seeing the world for what it used to be. Lemurs, chameleons, majestic rock formations, a coastal people living self-subsistently as they have been for thousands of years, the Madagascar voyage will eliminate your horizon.

This is a guided tour with a custom packages available with 7 nights aboard and from 3 + nights for the extended resort accommodations. The Sailing Collective guide accompanies the group during the stay giving land assistance and on the ground travel support as you make your way to Madagascar. Each boat comes with a local guide and a Malagasy chef during the 7 night sailing journey. Hotels at eco-friendly resorts are sorted by the Sailing Collective travel team with travel concierge included.

There are 7 catamarans to choose from and we can accommodate from a private single charter boat up to 4 catamarans sailing during the 'flotilla'.

Contact the Sailing Collective journey coordinators to receive custom pricing for your adventure sailing voyage through Nosy Be, Madagascar:

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