Martinique / Dominica / St Lucia

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Fully crewed charters FROM $11,000 - $20,000 +

It starts with an inquiry to book a private charter sailing vacation with a personal chef and professional captain for journey an designed for the experience traveler.

The Martinique itinerary is a 7 day journey circumnavigating the island with options to sail north to Dominica or south to St Lucia. How it works: Sailing Collective vacation packages come standard with a private Sailing Collective certified captain and chef trained with our unique sensibility of services adventure. This 7-night journey takes place on 40' - 60' monohulls and catamarans by request sleeping up to 8 guests aboard. We can accommodate a variety of packages from basic to all inclusive luxury. Week long private charters go from $11,000 to $25,000 + per week.

Venture into the northern reaches of the Windward Islands and you’ll see a Caribbean that excels at the adventure chilling that we love. Beginning in Martinique, an overseas territory of France, this exploration will take you from present days to long before Christopher Columbus sailed past in 1493, a time when the Taino and Arawak lived in this island chain. Martinique is vibrantly beautiful, and the towns here are best approached from the water as they have always been. Sailing north to Dominica will take us to yet another Caribbean, this one more sleepy and natural. Dominica in all of its volcanic glory has rustic charm in plenty thanks to it’s large swaths of wilderness and rugged terrain. This is a place for hiking to waterfalls and sneaking upriver into the mangroves on a small boat. We will bath in hot springs, snorkel on a rare volcanic reef, and eat freshly picked fruit.

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Martinique & Dominica

By Dayyan Armstrong